Fix ‘Unknown’ Power State in Citrix Studio

After updating the firmware of your HPE Moonshot chassis you might run into the following issue:


In Citrix Studio you encounter that some of the machines in your delivery group have a power state of ‘unknown’ but they are still registered, meaning that they are powered on and running. The power state of your machines are managed by the hosting connection configured in Studio under ‘Configuration\Hosting’. But you did not change anything with your hosting connection; you just updated the firmware. To check if your hosting connection is working fine have a look at the Event Log in your Moonshot chassis manager. If you discover frequent successful logon and logoff events of the account configured in the hosting connection you know it’s working.


So the error is with the Chassis Manager. To fix it, connect to the chassis manager and enter the following command:

Reset cm


This will reset the Chassis Manager without impacting the uptime of your cartridges. After a while, the power state in Citrix studio will refresh.

Bonus tip: There is no GUI option to reset the Chassis Manager. But if you go to ‘Settings’ and change the time zone, a reset will immediately ocurr. The obvious drawback is obviously that you will have to do it twice if you want to have the correct time zone set.

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